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Therapy is a chance to make a difference in your life, your child's life, or the whole family to work on unresolved problems that keep coming up.

I often see individuals having issues with anxiety and/or depression, stress management, relationship problems, self-esteem and problems balancing work/life. Self discovery, finding coping skills, managing emotions, are just a few treatment goals that we would focus on.

For marriage and family therapy sessions, issues like conflict, communication breakdown, intimacy, power/control battles, boundary setting, and dealing with outside pressure driving the family apart. Conflict resolution, family of origin/generational work, and family system theory are powerful interventions.

Clients suffering from PTSD, phobias, personality disorders, I often use the Lifespan Integration techniques that reintegrate the body and mind. This technique was developed by Peggy Pace and has amazing results.

Clients who have special needs including ADHD, autism, asperger and reactive attachment disorder; I provide the developmentally appropriate levels of communication during therapy and try to address any family/environmental stresses.
It is very important to establish the relationship of trust between client and therapist. My office is set up to provide a comfortable space, to calm nerves and allow deep felt issues to be voiced and worked out within a confidential space. Depending on the client's needs sessions may include the individual, the couple, the parent/child, or the whole family. Each person has unique needs.

"We cannot tell what may
happen to us in
the strange medley of life.
But we can decide what
happens in us
how we can take it,
what we do with it
and that is what really
counts in the end.
How to take the raw stuff
of life and make it
a thing of worth and beauty
that is the test of living."

Joseph Fort Newton

I am a life long learner and advocate for thinking out of the box. I have found addressing a problem through the back door can open up so many opportunities and possibilities that were never thought of before.
Exploring the core self;
the connections made within relationships;
finding the passion that drives every individual;
and flourishing to the point of influence; is my dedication to the change I want to see.
Every individual has a purpose in life and they in turn effect the individuals around them.
Throw your pebble in the water and see the rippling effect you have on others.

Annie Redd, LMFT, MA, MEd.

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to
contact me by phone (425)208-1010 

Notice confidentiality cannot be guaranteed when using the Internet