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Consulting Services

Consulting services are based on my background in Special Education, behavioral management skills, and human development. I offer consultation to families, centers, and agencies in the following areas: analyzing functional and daily performance levels; organizing environmental surroundings; and supporting agencies with special populations. Evaluating what is in place already and enhancing it to work move efficiently by adding resources from the community. The individual needs of the child, adolescent or adult will be the focus of the consultation.

My experience in both public and private organizations has provided me with many resource. I have enjoyed many opportunities to work closely with multidisciplinary teams, collaborate with community agencies, and analyze the system of education. These experiences have allowed me to find a missing link, a need not being filled. I found that families with members with special needs or a diverse family structure were feeling alone and unsupported. Schools provide what they can for the small amount of time they have the student, but the child, adolescent, and parents once they are home may feel depressed and frustrated. The family as a system starts to feel stressed.

Where is the scaffolding to support these families through the missed milestones, transitions, social rejections, stressful home life, and disintegrating marriages?

My answer to this is to provide support and focus on family preservation; decreasing stress; establishing collaborative care between home and school; supporting transitions for families with special needs and diversity; and encourage proactive living.

Annie Redd, LMFT, MA, MEd.

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